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Bath Mats Cleaning Tips | House Cleaning West Linn

When was the last time when you gave a thought to clean your bath mat or the last time you cleaned your bath mat during the house cleaning process? If you can’t recall then it’s time to add in you to do list. Though this is not a difficult task and if you wash or clean your bath mats on the regular basis then it will last longer.


Follow tips of House Cleaning West Linn to clean your bathroom mats in your house.

Why they need to be cleaned?

During the house cleaning, the bath mats or rugs may soak up in the water and may not dry completely. So, this will cause the bath mats to get moldy. When you will put your foot or step on them while going to take a shower/bath. You are going to add a little dirt every time when you use it.

How often should you clean? Weekly

How to clean a rug with rubber backing?

During the house cleaning process it you toss the rug with rubber backing it will come off easily especially if you put it in the dryer. It’s better to wash your rugs by scrubbing the front and the back with your hands. You need to do this with the nonabrasive sponge. Try to use a little bleach and vinegar during scrubbing. Also, you can check your local grocery store for eco-friendly solution for house cleaning. Give extra attention to the rubber backing as it is a mold heaven.

Lastly, you can dry the rubber mats by hanging them on the clothesline, shower rod or drying rack where the mats can get maximum air from all sides.

How to clean a cloth mat?

When house cleaning, the cloth rug or mat is the easiest to clean. All you need to do is toss your rugs into the washing machine and add few towels. After that you need to run the machine with hot water setting adding some bleach or your regular cleaning detergent which you have got. If you haven’t got bleach then vinegar also works as an alternative. Once you have washed the rugs dry them in the dryer.

How to clean the wooden mat?

If you have got a wooden mat in your bathroom then you can simply use a dish washing soap and water solution along with the sponge and rub it thoroughly to remove the debris from the entire surface during the house cleaning process.

Dry between uses:

When house cleaning, the sides of the tub or shower rods are the most convenient places to hang the bathmats between the uses. You may also install hooks, rod or even a drying rack as well.

When to replace the mat?

It’s always better to let go your old mats and add new mats in your bathroom as the old mats contain lots of bacteria and debris throughout the year as well as moldy spots too. It’s better to put fresh mats every year.


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