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The Best Way to Clean Running Shoes | House Cleaning West Linn

Follow these steps by house cleaning West Linn to clean your running shoes. 


How to take care of your shoes? 

If you want to take care of your shoes then washing your running shoes by hand on a regular basis is not enough to prolong their lifespan. You need to follow other ways for house cleaning your running shoes to keep them in their best shape. 


- Scrub the dirt

When house cleaning you need to scrub the dirt from your shoes by using water and laundry detergent and using a soft toothbrush for scrubbing. Take a dry cloth to remove the foam.


- Untie the laces 

When house cleaning you don’t just use your feet to remove the shoes. First untie them and then pull them off from the foot just by using your hands. If you use your foot to remove them it will most probably weaken the heel area and making them much more unstable. 


If your heel can move freely up and down, the friction will cause nasty blisters which will make running an ordeal.


- Manufacturer’s instructions

For house cleaning you can read the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your shoes in a great shape and condition. In this manual you can easily find the dos and don'ts to the soaps, detergents and cleaning products that are safe to use for the running shoes. 


A rule of thumb is that always check your manufacturer’s website to get some helpful tips and tricks to prolong your shoe’s lifespan. They know how to take care of their products. 


- Get Rid of Odor

When house cleaning there are times when cleaning them won’t just do the trick. Sometimes you need help to get rid of the foul stench of success and fitness. 


You can even put some newspaper in the shoes to get rid of the odor that has been coming out of it. If sprays and powders are not your type then you can consider using old tea bags during the house cleaning process especially that have got a pretty nice smell. You need to take dry packets and put them in the shoes for overnight and they will absorb moisture and help to get rid of bad odor. 


Don’t wash your shoes in the washing machine:

When house cleaning make sure that you don’t wash your running shoes in the washing machine as they will lose their original shape. The shoes can be affected by the circular motion of the washing machine as the temperature gets high which reaches in the cleaning cycle. 


If you wash your shoes in the washing machine it will reduce the lifespan of your running shoes and they might come out in a different shape. 


Moreover, you are not supposed to dry them in the heat as it will decrease their resistance and they will wear and tear easily. This is how you damage the integrity of your running shoes.  


Also, don’t throw them in the dryer to dry them quickly. 


For more running shoe cleaning tips call your local house cleaning west linn experts.