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Sink cleaning secrets! - House Cleaning West Linn

Most of us use our kitchen sink to clean the dishes once we are done eating the food but what do we use to clean our sink? If you want to keep your plates, dishes and bowls bacteria free and germ free then you need to keep your sink clean on the regular basis during the house cleaning process. After each use you should wash your sink thoroughly with mild soap or liquid detergent as well as warm water. Here are few steps by House Cleaning West Linn which you should follow to thoroughly clean and disinfect your kitchen sink. 


1. For stainless steel and porcelain sinks

During the house cleaning process you need to wet the entire surface of your sink with warm water and then sprinkle some baking soda on the sink after that rub it with a soft cloth or sponge and it will create a paste solution. The alkali nature of baking soda is going to remove all of the stains and soap scum that had been stuck on the sink and it will leave nice shine on the sink in the end when house cleaning. 


2. During the house cleaning process you need to scoop some paste by using an old toothbrush and then scrub it into the caulk seal that is all around your sink, faucet and the underside of the rubber drain as this area can get dirty sometimes, so it’s better to do it last. Rinse with the toothbrush and use baking soda more. 


3. When house cleaning you need to rinse the entire sink with water and also make sure that you get rid of all of the baking soda residue from the surface of the sink. In the end use a fresh cloth to wipe the residue.

4. After that you need to pour a few cups of vinegar solution in a small basin and dip few paper towels in the basis. Cover your sink completely that includes the faucet with saturated towels and let it sit for 20 minutes after that remove it. The acid is going to disinfect the surface of your sink during the house cleaning process. 


5. When house cleaning makes sure that you thoroughly clean your sink again just by using warm water and dish soap in order to remove the vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. 


6. For copper sinks: 

if you are having copper sinks in your house then you need to avoid using chemical cleaners on it as it is going to damage the meal. If your sink has a patina finish you need to avoid using acidic products like lemon or vinegar as it will break down the finishing. So try to use mild dish soap and use a soft cloth to dry it. There is no need to worry about bacteria or germs as the copper has antibacterial qualities in it.


For more stainless steel cleaning tips call your local House Cleaning West Linn experts.