How to quickly clean your bathroom?
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How to quickly clean your bathroom?

Is there any house cleaning chore that is more dreaded than tackling a filthy bathroom? Starting from the soap scum and mildew to dirt and hair, to clean this dirt-filled zone is not an easy task. So you must clean it now. There is no need to worry during the house cleaning process as House Cleaning West linn is going to show you how to streamline the process and go from grimy to sparkling and clean bathroom in just a few minutes.


1. Remove all of the items

During the house cleaning process the first thing you need to do is remove all of the items from your bathroom shower, bathtub etc. After that you need to toss all of the towels which you have used it already outside the room. If you have got items on your countertops then you should remove them immediately. Also. don’t forget to grab trash cans. 


2. Dust and Sweep

During the house cleaning process if you want to get rid of the dust, dirt and grime then you need to take a duster that has a long handle to remove the cobwebs in the corner of your toilet, on the light fixtures or in the vents. If you are still unable to get rid of them then you should pull out a stepladder and get up high as much as you can. After that sweep and vacuum the floors to pick up the hair and other debris that might have accumulated on the floors. 


3. Apply the cleaner to shower and bathtub 

During the house cleaning process all you need to do is apply the all purpose cleaner if you can clean it on a regular basis or an acid based cleaner if you have got serious buildup in your shower. Just make sure that you don’t forget the shower track and the inside of the door if it’s applicable. Then let it soak. 


4. Tackle other surfaces 

During the house cleaning process you should spray the all purpose cleaner on your cleaning device that is microfiber cloth or sponge and wipe down the towel racks, shelves, doors, blinds etc. All you need to do is work in different sections from top to bottom. 


5. Hit the shower and bathtub

When house leaning all you need to do is use the cleaner that will do much of the work for you, allowing you to lightly scrub away the dirt and buildup. Go after all of the walls, floors and other surfaces to clean before you rinse it. 


6. Finish the shower and bathtub

When house cleaning you should replace all of the items that you have removed, wipe all of the items if it’s possible and then close the shower curtain or door. If you have got shower door then use an all purpose cleaner and clean it properly. 


For more house cleaning tips call your local house cleaning West Linn experts now.