House Cleaning West Linn - How to Clean your Fabric Sofa
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House Cleaning West Linn - How to Clean your Fabric Sofa

Depending how much we use our sofa; it can be treated badly. From eating your meal in the living room or watching the movie with your pet snuggled against you. The couch can capture body oils, dust, grime than you care to imagine. For house cleaning the upholstered furniture, deep cleaning may seem an impossible task but house cleaning West Linn has got few tips and ticks which can be used to clean the sofa set.


1. Read the label

During the house cleaning, make sure that you know what kind of fabric has been used in your sofa set. You can go through the manufacturer's manual to confirm the fabric and also the codes that are generally used on the tags:


W: It means that water can be used during the house cleaning.

WS: A dry cleaning detergent can be used during the house cleaning process.

X: Don’t use water, just use the vacuum.

S: Clean it with dry cleaner detergent.


Start Cleaning:

During the house cleaning process you can use baking soda that is great for many things which includes the removal of stains, grime and embedded dirt on your sofa. First, test the fabric in the inconspicuous area but baking soda is suitable for most of the upholstery. You need to have a stiff brush, the cleaning cloth and baking soda as well as the vacuum cleaner.


- When house cleaning, use the stiff brush to remove the crumbs, dust and debris from sofa.

- After that sprinkle the baking soda on the couch and let it sit for 20 minutes. You may consider using the carpet cleaner for deep house cleaning.

- Use the vacuum cleaner brush attachment to remove the baking soda.  


During the house cleaning process, If you have got tough stains you can use any type of solution that will work the best for the fabric along with the clean cloth for bottling away the stains. You can clean the fabric upholstery by creating a mixture made up of ¾ cup of warm water, ¼ cup of vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of detergent.

If you are planning to deep cleaning, then you can rent a steam cleaner that can be used on different type of upholstery other than the suede.


During the house cleaning process you,  can remove the cushion covers during the house cleaning process and label them that they are machine washable then you can easily clean them. Otherwise another method to remove the dust and grime from the cushions is by beating the them in the sunlight. Ultraviolet rays will disinfect the bacteria from the fabric.


Now that you now how you can keep your couch or sofa clean and dirt free it is going to always look in fresh condition and smell fresh as well.


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