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How to Clean Painted Walls | House Cleaning West Linn

Even if you have the most beautiful painted walls they are going to get dirty over time. Life is messy and eventually the walls of your house catch fingerprints, smudges, dirt and spills. You children might draw on the painted walls or you just let the dirt build up on your walls instead of house cleaning it once a week. House cleaning West Linn has got few tips that can be used to safely clean your painted walls without washing away the finish.


Step 1: Prepare your Work Area

When you start the house cleaning process make sure that you first prepare the space where you will be working. For that you need to move your furniture and other objects away from your walls or you can even cover them with the cloths as well. Remove all paintings, artwork and then use the painter’s tape to mark where the nails are located.


After that you need to lay down the canvas and secure it with the painter’s tape in order to stop them from moving around. Like this the dirty water will not run down on your walls onto floors. Make sure that you avoid using the plastic clothes as they don't absorb the water during the house cleaning.


Lastly, use a damp cloth or a duster to remove the dust, debris from your painted walls before you clean it with the soap and water solution.


2.  Prepare Cleaning Mixture and Solution

During the house cleaning process combine all of the all-purpose household cleaning products or dishwashing liquid in your bucket then follow the manufacturer's instructions  to create a proper solution. There should be enough soap to properly clean the walls but no so much that it leaves behind the soapy residue on the surface. One ounce of cleaner and a gallon of water is more than enough to remove mildy soiled walls.


3. Spot clean the Wall Marks

When you start the house cleaning process first identify the areas which you want to clean. After that begin washing the stains, marks, blemishes made by the crayons, pencil and marker by using baking soda and water solution. Take a small cup add some baking soda, water and mix them together to create a paste. Rub the paste on stain and use old toothbrush. Lastly, use the dry cloth to wipe the entire area.


4. Clean the walls

During the house cleaning process you need to dip your sponge in the cleaning solution and wring the excess water. After that dip another sponge in the rinse bucket and again wring the extra water. Now start with the bottom of your wall. Like this the water coming down the wall won’t adhere to dirt on the wall. Rub the surface in the circular motion, working in the small areas. Try to go over that area again where you finished cleaning in order to remove the soap residue. Continue this process until you clean your walls.


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