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How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan | House Cleaning West Linn

Cast iron pan is a perfect piece of cooking equipment in your kitchen. The cast iron pans are cheap and they last forever, they sear the steak and using one on the regular basis can even boost your iron intake. 


Maybe you are reluctant to buy one for yourself as you might have heard they are very difficult to clean. That’s the truth as you can’t just toss them in the dishwasher or wash them with a dish detergent like a typical pan during the house cleaning. But it’s not that difficult to take care of your cast iron pans and once you get used to it you are going to use it on a constant basis. 


Here are a few tips by house cleaning West Linn which you can use to clean your cast iron pans. 


Do’s and Don'ts: 


Do: Clean immediately after use

During the house cleaning process you need to rinse the iron cast pans right after cooking. This will prevent the clingy food like eggs and different sauces from hardening and sticking on the pan. ( When house cleaning you can also pour a glass of water into the pan while it’s on the stove) You need to wait until cast-iron has cooled enough to handle it and then wash it in the sink. 


Don'ts: Let it soak too long

During the house cleaning process you might be tempted to soak your skillet in a sudsy sink while you eat, make sure you don’t let it soak. The cast iron is not rust proof. Make sure it has minimum contact with the water. ( It means that no dishwasher) 


TIP: You are not supposed to submerge the cast iron pan in the cold water during the house cleaning as it will crack it. Don’t do it. 


Do: Use hot water and soap

During the house cleaning process, there is a misconception that the soap will strip the seasoning of your cast iron pan. A little soapy water can help banish the stuck food and reduce the elbow grease. Hot water dissolves the stubborn food particles fast! 


Don’ts: Use a hard scrubber

During the house cleaning process, avoid using the scrubbing pads like scouring pads or steel wool as it will take off the hard earned seasoning. If there is too much residue and you want to clean it then you can use a soft nylon brush to get rid of it. 


Do: Dry it well and oil down 

You are not supposed to leave your pan to get dry in the rack. Wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towel right away. Like this you will prevent it from rusting. Beware as the cast iron pans can turn your new towels into black. You can even put them on the stove for a few minutes to dry completely. 


Don’ts: Stress

When house cleaning, if you notice a little rust or scrubbed off seasoning it isn't the end of the world. Relax!


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