The ultimate new home checklist
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The ultimate new home checklist

Shifting homes is one of a difficult task in itself, we always just tend to look around the home to see if it matches our need and demand but we never tend to see if it is clean up to our mark. Then after moving in it becomes one of a kind problem for us when it comes to house cleaning it. So we should come up with a solution to clean to get the house cleaned up before we move in. So House Cleaning West Linn have to bring you some solution as to what points should be cleaned in which way. 


1.Cleaning of tight spots 

During the house cleaning process you can use vacuum cleaners to clean tight spots in the home such as window linings. We don't usually pay a lot of attention to these spots but they matter the most. You should dust out these spots to remove the dust when hanging curtains in the windows then it will give a clean look.


2. Dents from the carpets.

During the house cleaning process If you find dents on the carpet after moving in or after moving the furniture around. It is easy to get dents out of your carpets in no time, just place regular ice cubes to get rid of these dents. Simply place them on the dent and leave them to melt overnight. The carpet will absorb the moisture and remove the dents off the carpet and will look good as new again. If you want a quick result use a steamer to get rid of those dents. 


3. Cleaning kitchen cabinets

During the house cleaning process when you are moving into a new home you may find dirty cabinets all you need to do is take baking soda and water and make a paste of it then apply it over the cabinets and scrub it with an old toothbrush to get those dirty cleaned up. To wipe the mixture off you can use clean microfiber cloth dipped in plain water and it will easily clean the cabinets clean. 


4. Unclogging of sink

During the house cleaning process sometimes you may find the sink clogged in by the last people who have lived there. For Unclogging of the sink the most effective and incredible hack is by pouring vinegar and salt down the drain or pour in about a cup of baking soda and then pour in vinegar over it leave it overnight when house cleaning and then in the morning pour in water and you will have an unlogged sink in no time.


All of us know that it’s not easy to move in a new house when you are already occupied with the job or working that is why House cleaning West Linn is always there to help you out for such situations. Call your local house cleaning professionals now to get assistance when you are moving inside a new house. Call House cleaning West Linn now.