Secrets of an organized family: Put your house in order
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Secrets of an organized family: Put your house in order

We all have certain things at home that we never get rid of, or are there for no reason. These kind of things take up the most space in our home and can leave our home in a mess. If you keep your things in the same place and decide soon which things are required and which are to be thrown away soon then this chaos can be settled down to a certain extent. House Cleaning West Linn have a few tips that can be of great use to keep your home in order.

1.  When house cleaning, keep a shelf or drawer completely empty.

2.  During house cleaning, keep kitchen appliances that you don't use every day in a cupboard, do not place objects on the shelf.

3.   During house cleaning get rid of newspapers and magazines as soon as possible. Never keep a magazine for more than two months, unless you find a positive joy in maintaining an orderly collection.

4.   Have an exact place for everything.

5.   When house cleaning know where to give things: books, clothes, kitchen utensils and toys. It is much easier to get rid of things if you imagine who will benefit from them. Find out before starting an important effort to eliminate the mess.

6.    Don't buy things on excessive things, especially in discount stores.

7.   Storing something means that it is of use, if it is of no use then get rid of it ASAP.

8.   Never accept anything for free, unless you need it. Such as a cup, a handbag etc.

9.   Have enough hangers in each closet.

10.    Make your bed every morning.

11.    During house cleaning keep your keys in the same place every day.

12.    If you have a lot of unopened CDs, unread books, unseen series videos or unopened spice jars, don't let yourself buy more until you've made a dent in what you already have.

13.   Don't accumulate large amounts of things you could never use: tie clips, rubber bands, clay pots, vases, plastic shopping bags. Give the rest.

14.   Hang the coat in its place.

15.   If you have a lot of things you don't want to throw away because you're not sure what they are mysterious cables, random remote control devices, put them all in a box.

16.    To get additional credit, enter a date in the box and if you haven't opened it for a year, discard it.

17.    Never let a drawer or closet fill up so much that it is difficult to open and close them.

18.    Get rid of things that don't work.

19.   During house cleaning if you can't find something you should start cleaning up.


If you are still not happy with the list of options which you can use to do proper house cleaning of your home then no need to worry as you can always get in touch with your local House Cleaning West Linn experts who will help you out with more tips. Book an appointment with House Cleaning West Linn now.