How to remove rust from metal kitchen items?
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How to remove rust from metal kitchen items?

It is very common to find the buildup of rust on metal items, especially in the kitchen. No matter how expensive metal pan you have invested in still you will find the buildup of rust, which is very annoying as then you have to get rid of that pan.

House Cleaning West Linn has some tips that will turn out to be helpful when it comes to removing rust from metal kitchen items.

1. How to remove rust from knives 

When house cleaning, it is very common to find the rust stains on metal knives, even if it isn't very old. There are a number of ways to get rid of rust or prevent it from coming. During house cleaning,to remove rust stains from the knives take a glass filled with vinegar, place your knife in that glass make sure all the rust stains are submerged in the vinegar. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then remove the knife and use a sponge to scrub the rust stained areas on the knife. Once scrubbed then rinse it under cold water. Then dry it completely using a microfiber cloth, before storing. 

2. How to remove rust from metal baking pans 

When house cleaning, it is very common to find rust stains on the metal baking pans if not in use over a long period of time. Sometimes the rust is found on baking pans that are in regular use too, you cannot be sure but it should be clean and rust free for baking. During house cleaning, for that purpose you need to cut a potato in half, dip the potato in dishwashing liquid or baking soda. Use this potato for scrubbing the rusty part of the tray. Once you find that the potato has started to slip, cut it off and reapply the baking soda or liquid and scrub it. When house cleaning, repeat this process until no rust is left, rinse it under running water. Dry it properly using microfiber cloth before storing it.

3. How to remove rust from cast iron 

When house cleaning, you can find rusty patches on cast iron pans too, which can leave you in total panic, but these can be cleaned easily.  During house cleaning, to remove the rust sprinkle salt onto the bottom of the pan, then cut a potato in half and use the cut side to scrub the pan, here salt acts as a cleaning product. If you find that your potato has started to slip then cut that piece out and start scrubbing with the new piece of potato until you see that the pan is clean. If your salt becomes dirty then throw the salt away rinse it and add some new salt and keep scrubbing. Once the rusty stains have been removed then wash the pan with water, dry it using a kitchen towel and season it before storing it back.

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