How to organize your linen closet?
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How to organize your linen closet?

We all want our linen closet to look exactly like the ones we look in the magazines but when it comes to our closets it always looks like a mess of bed and bath stuff. House Cleaning West Linn have brought you some tips that will make your linen closet look a little better and organized during the house cleaning process.

1.       Decluttering

During the house cleaning process the first step to arranging your linen closet is by decluttering it, go through all the towels and bed sheets that you have, if you don’t tend to use them and just like them, take them out and throw them in the pile that needs to be given away. When you have less stuff in your hand it is easy to arrange them.

 2.       Clean things before putting them

During the house cleaning process you should always clean up things towels and sheets before you stack them back. This way you would always reach for a fresh piece of sheet or towel when you need it or when you want to arrange your guest bedroom. Another tip is once your sheets are dried out you can iron them before stacking them back in this way you will have wrinkle free sheets.

3.       Categorize

During the house cleaning process you can arrange your bed sheets and towels according to the size, type or color. If you have certain bedsheets and towels for a certain room then arrange them accordingly. If your sheets and towels can be changeable for different rooms and bathrooms then you can arrange them according to the type, color and size. Make sure you place the much used items in the middle and at the front of the closet so that you can reach out to them much more easily. You can place some bins for storing the quilts and cushion covers, also for the kitchen towels and table runners. It will be easy to reach out for the in those baskets.

4.       Bins and baskets

During the house cleaning process you should arrange for bins and baskets for you linen closet not is it easy to arrange the things by placing them In their respective basket but it is also easy to store all the detergents related to the washing in these baskets as well and arranging by baskets also acquires less amount of space. As compared to keeping them by folding.

5.       Labeling

When house cleaning once you have sorted out all your linens and them have been folded and stacked in their respective baskets or on the shelves then place labels, so it’s easy for you or someone else to reach out for them when needed, it is not such a big thing but these kinds of small things matter a lot and can make a huge difference. 

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