How to clean a cheese grater?
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How to clean a cheese grater?

We all have the common use of cheese grater at home. It would come to your surprise that buying a block of cheese and then grating it at home can cost you less and will give you more amount of product as compared to buying ready made grated cheese. But the only reason due to which we avoid grating the cheese at home is that cleaning the grater. House cleaning West Linn has some easy tips that can help you clean your cheese grater easily. 

  1. Clean in dishwasher

 When house cleaning, if your greater is dishwasher proof, then give it a thorough wash to remove the chunks. Then place it in the dishwasher for a cleaning cycle. It is best to remove the greater before the drying cycle as it may damage it or else if any particle remains intact due to the heat it may cook to the grater. During house cleaning, instead you can use a microfiber cloth to dry 

  1. Clean with lemon 

During house cleaning, another effective way to clean the grater is with the help of lemon. For this you can cut the lemon slices and dip them in salt and scrub it with that lemon. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse it under very hot water to remove the residual. When house cleaning, pour some dishwashing liquid and water as you would normally wash, then dry it with the help of a microfiber cloth. If you don’t have lemon you can substitute this method with potato wedges. 

  1. Clean with pastry brush

During house cleaning, you can clean the greater using a pastry brush too. For this method use a pastry brush run it over the grater to remove all the particles. Then pour in some dishwashing liquid and water to wash as you would normally do but scrub it using a pastry brush. Then dry it off with a clean microfiber cloth but make sure to wipe it in the same direction as the blades of the grater.

  1. Clean with toothbrush 

When house cleaning, to clean a cheese grater you can use a new toothbrush. A toothbrush can turn out to be very helpful when it comes to cleaning the grater as the blades of the grater are really small and it gets really difficult to clean them. During house cleaning, for the precise cleaning, toothbrushes can be great and it can be used for deep and small space cleaning. For the cleaning all you need to do is pour some dishwashing liquid and use the toothbrush to clean it, then wash as usual. 


The tips given above that can be used to clean the cheese grater can be useful if  you are using your cheese grater on the regular and even if you are not using it more frequently then it might help you in the other way as well but if you seek more tips regarding cheese grater then you can get in touch with your local House Cleaning West Linn experts or book an appointment with House Cleaning West Linn now.