How often should you clean appliances?
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How often should you clean appliances?

We do the cleaning at home, planned on a daily basis and also deep cleaning but most of the time we forget cleaning some appliances around the house that require cleaning, but we overlook the cleaning of these appliances. And with time these appliances don’t work properly and that’s when we realize that these things required deep cleaning and due to overlook their ability and performance has suffered. House Cleaning West Linn has some appliances on the list that needs cleaning we tend to overlook them.

1.   Use Washing machine

When house cleaning, it would have never crossed our minds that we even have to clean the washing machine. It is always considered that it is one of those appliances that don’t require deep cleaning or even cleaning, but that is wrong. We would have never thought that the minerals from the hard water settle in the washing machine over the time and cause trouble, also over the time from washing garments the germs also settle in the machine which can build up inside your machine, so it is a must that you wash your washing machine too. During house cleaning, to clean the washing machine you should run an empty full cycle of washing machine by adding just warm water, vinegar and baking soda this will eliminate all the bacteria build up 

2.  Use Dishwasher

When house cleaning, it must have never crossed your mind that dishwasher too requires cleaning as well. We consider that since dishwasher washes the dishes so it also gets a service and cleans itself but that is not true, due to the food particles leftover and due to washing the dishes there is a buildup of bacteria much more easily. Not cleaning the dishwasher is the main cause of odors and the buildup of water stains on the dishes. During house cleaning, you should clean your dishwasher once a month. For this purpose you should place a dishwasher bowl filled with 2/3 cup of vinegar and run it on a normal cycle and you will have a clean dishwasher. 

3.       Use Coffee maker

When house cleaning, it is one of the essential appliances in our house without which we can never function properly. We mostly use the coffee maker during the morning or the evening. So it is very hard for us to remember that we have to give a deep cleaning too. So most of the time the coffee cattle does gets a wash but the insides of the coffee maker doesn’t. During house cleaning, you should clean your coffee maker once a month. You should pour in an equal mixture of water and vinegar in the coffee maker’s chamber and then brew the coffee, use a coffee filter to catch all the coffee particles. 


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