Housework hacks: cleaning just got easier
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Housework hacks: cleaning just got easier

Cleaning the house is considered one of the most difficult tasks. You are always on the go around the house when it comes to cleaning because there are all sorts of spots from the smaller to the bigger, to most amount of attention givers to the neglected spots. House Cleaning West Linn has just those kind of easy cleaning hack for you when house cleaning.


1. Mirror cleaning

When house cleaning, the most stained part of your house is the mirrors on your walls, they suffer the most from splashes of water to finger prints and they don’t even go away without cleaning either. So if you don’t clean the mirror on the wall it will make your house look dirty even though you have cleaned it. So for this either you can go for a professional cleaner for mirrors or you can go for a DIY one. During house cleaning another hack for cleaning the smears and marks of the mirror is with the help of shaving foam apply it over the smears and then use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off and you will have a clean mirror in no time.  


2. Pet hair removal

When house cleaning you must have found pet hair on the carpet and sofa, almost everywhere. This is the struggle understood better by pet owners, for better results at removing pet hair from different surfaces you can go for a roller or rubber gloves they pick up the pet hair very well and clean your sofa or carpet surface as if there was no hair there at the first place.


3. Washing taps

When house cleaning we open the taps with dirty hands and when it comes to closing the taps after washing the hands we usually use our elbows to avoid touching the tap. In this case you can go for cleaning the tap first and then your hands. If you have greasy hand and you have to wash your hands after opening the tap scrub the tap as well and pour some water onto the tap so that is clean. Once the tap is clean then you can wash your hands this will keep your hands clean and the tap clean as well.


4.Dusty dilemma

When house cleaning, we leave so many areas around the house, when dusting and with time the dust builds up on these areas. For this purpose, you should clean up around the corners of the house once in a while and when it comes to cleaning the blinds, you can either use a clean sock onto your hands or on a tong this way the blind will be cleaned on both sides and you will not have to go over again and again.


If you are still searching for more house cleaning tips in order to make your cleaning process a lot more easy and super fast then you can get in touch with your local House Cleaning West Linn experts or you can even book an appointment with one of our professional experts as well.