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Avoid window cleaning mistakes - House Cleaning West Linn

Window cleaning is a huge task in itself and especially if you make a single mistake while performing the window cleaning, it may cause you injury. Also it is the most overlooked task in the house as too the windows are on the outside of the house and even when we are performing the deep cleaning we still tend to overlook it and end up with dirty windows. House Cleaning West Linn have some tips that you can follow to avoid the mistakes you make while cleaning windows.

1. Weather

When house cleaning the windows, the biggest mistake that we make is that we choose a gloomy day, on a very bright sunny day or that we forget to have a look at the weather chart. During house cleaning it is never suggested that you choose any of such days to clean your windows as on a cloudy day it may rain later that day and all your efforts turn to zero and you will have to perform the task again. Just like that on a very bright day the cleaner that you are using may dry out onto the window and leave streak marks which are hard to get other than the window cleaning task at hand.  


2. Material

When house cleaning the windows, they use the wrong materials to clean the windows at the first hand, as they usually have paper towel at hand so they use that to wipe the window or they use a light cloth to wipe the windows which leaves fabric strands stuck to the window that gives your window a more messy look. During house cleaning people even go for newspaper to wipe the windows but that too is a no no as the ink contains many harmful toxins that may be harmful for your windows. So you should go for a squeaker for cleaning and wiping your windows.


3. Safety risks

When house cleaning the windows, people usually forget the safety gear, they climb up to higher surfaces and not pay attention to that they may fall down with one single wrong step they may take. For this matter you should always use some safety gear when you are climbing up on surfaces so that you can stay safe.  


4. Failure to remove deposits

When house cleaning the windows, we usually start cleaning without even giving it a thought and turn up making a bigger mess than before. During house cleaning we should make sure that we are performing the cleaning task in a better way. For this we should wipe of any bird poop or other things, dirt that is stuck to the window and then begin with the cleaning of the window. If we don’t do this step we won’t clean the window instead we will make a huge mess out of this. 


If you are looking for more house cleaning tips then you must get in touch with your local House Cleaning West Linn professional experts who will help you with window cleaning tips. Hurry up and call House Cleaning West Linn.