Fake a Clean House in Just 15 Minutes
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Fake a Clean House in Just 15 Minutes

Your friends just called you to inform that they are in your area and will stop for a short visit. Now you need to act fast if your house is looking messy and all of the litter is spread around the house. You just have got 15 minutes for the house cleaning and you should try to do it efficiently.


Here are a few tips by house cleaning West Linn to organize your house in just 15 minutes!


1. Give your kids the job:

During the house cleaning process you have got no time to deal with bad attitude over who had to gather all of the stuff after using it. If one of your kid is using all of the wipes in the bathroom and your other kid is enjoying seeing how fast she can vacuum the entire living room then let them do their jobs.


2. Focus on the areas where people will see:

When house cleaning if you notice that your kids room might take more than just a minute to tidy up the entire room then you should simply lock the door! Only try to spend time on those rooms or areas where you can do fast house cleaning.


3. Pile dishes in the sink:

During the house cleaning process your kitchen might look a lot more cleaner if you just remove dirty dishes from the table, sink and the countertop. It’s just a great time to remove all of the dishes from the other areas and then put them on the sink as well. You can even create a hot soapy solution and soak those dishes until you get free.


4. Gather dirty laundry:

When you start the house cleaning make sure that you remove all of the dirty laundry that has been on the floor or any other area of your house. Gather it in a plastic basket and put it in the area where your guests won’t go. (Probably next to your washing machine)


5. Throw trash away

When house cleaning, grab a basket and search for litter or trash all over your house and start putting it in the basket.


6.Wipe counters and the toilet:

During the house leaning process you should only focus on the bathroom that is going to be used by your guests more frequently rather than cleaning all of the bathrooms in your house. Start cleaning the sink and the toilet seat and in the end wipe the counters if needed.


7. Living room:

During the house cleaning process make sure that you vacuum the living room. Try to clean all of the rugs, mats in order to remove dirt and debris that has been stuck in them. Another tip is to try to organize the cushions of your sofa as well as light some scented candles to kill the bad odor in your house.


In the end you should try to take a quick shower and wear fresh clothes to welcome your guests. If you need help with the house organization you can call your local house cleaning west linn experts for house cleaning.